The Ruins; Tamoguna

DM Log - Session 4

Rough notes:
-Drove through pass
-Found hitherto unknown patch of Stitchfruit plants (“Stitchthorn”) and obtained 4 fruit. One of them was super large, and Ahren & Aster ate it.
-They travelled during the night to Arakur. During that time Ahren had a crazy dream & learned a martial art from it. Aster has a dream too, but nowhere near as vivid
-Got to Arakur. Opened a locked (puzzle) door and spoke to Meril.
-During the night a salt factory was attacked. It’s name was Windblown. Meril pleaded for party to stop Bodach’s People.
-The party examined Windblown, but there were no tracks. So they went to the other zombie attacked unknown village. When they got there they found a lot of blood.
-There was also a zombie hiding in the salt. It seems that Bodach’s People burn in the sunlight.



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