The Ruins; Tamoguna

DM Log - Session 5

The party had just slain their toughest enemy yet in the abandoned slave village of Saltborn. It was a zombie who had been forced out of hiding and into sunlight. He was slowly degenerating, but he was determined to go out with a fight. His moves were martial, and his ripostes were amazing as he attacked the entire party. Drumm found his spirits slaughtered quickly, their primal flesh easily being torn asunder.

After he was finished off, the group dragged him out of the ankle-deep water and onto dry land. Whilst the group plundered his corpse for treasure, Ahren told the group he needed to meditate and reconnect with the (defiling) magic he had been taught. After Ahren had turned around a corner they could hear him trying to imitate the sounds of Egg, Crow’s pet monkey.

On the corpse they found an ancient amber necklace that would be several hundred years old, which if nothing else, its antiquity would make it a valuable item to sell. On his decaying hide chest-plate they found a strange sigil which Aster remembered was an old Heraldic symbol used for the Bodachian guard. They cut this from his body to later show Meril of House Ianto.

A further investigation of the town revealed a Mul Pictograph Diary that was hidden under a loose floorboard, a day’s worth of food secreted behind some pipes and a magical item {the first magic item for the campaign}. It was an obsidian kesteral that had been infused with shadow energy from The Grey. Aster at once felt a kinship with it, and when she held it she could feel that this item helped her tap into her potential {+1 to hit, +1dmg, when hitting an enemy can move their shrouds to something else}. In due time they felt like they had exhausted their possibilities, and followed the bloody trail the zombies had left. The group tried to convince Ahren to join them, but he was too busy meditating and promised to catch up.

They entered the salt marsh proper. It stretched over the horizon, and was covered in a thin layer of very salty water. The group as a whole waded and waddled through it, and occasionally would walk on the grassy islands. A strange feature of the salt marshes was the complete lack of life: even the insects were absent. The only sounds were their sloshing footsteps and the occasional sigh of wind through the dry grasses. With no warning {successive stealth check} a pair of javelins flew out from the tall grasses, pinning Aster and Drumm in place. A ‘bloodthirsty degenerate’ gith ran out of the grasses and fumbled with Aster’s pack. She proved too wily though and foiled his plans to steal it. Combat was afoot, with the 3 gith aiming to steal a bag, and the party trying to slay the 3 gith attackers as quickly as possible. The gith quickly turned to fleeing once they had a backpack, but 2 of the 3 were slain as they fled. Aster was hurt during the battle, and the salt stung her wounds. Drumm & Crow attempted to make a water tight binding for the wound, but failed. Drumm was contemptuous of the pain Aster was feeling, and suggested she learn to ‘Mul it up’ and resist the pain. Aster eventually agreed. Across the next 2 hours she let her wounds fester in the salt, but after a number of successful endurance checks gained a resistance and learned to block out the stinging. Crow attempted to follower her leader’s plan, but eventually gave up after she made no success.

They had captured one of the Gith and tried to interrogate it. The creature knew not a lick of the Common tongue though, and kept just repeating ‘Poopoo’ at the party. Drum cold heartedly suggested they drag the still-living thing behind them as a warning to any others, but Crow informed the group that any more Gith would not be dissuaded by such an action,

and killed their hostage. With nothing else to do, they followed the trail until it ended in a comparatively open area. After some poking about they found noticed that the blood had just been diluted by the passage of some massive beast, and and the grass in one direction was crushed. When they went to see the grass, there was a massive foot print at least 5 foot wide. Aster voted to head back to Saltborn and wait til the next morning before they explored any further, but Drum convinced the group to at least travel for a little longer. They had barely begun to follow the beast’s tracks when they were sprung upon a second time. The gith who had previously escaped had found a friend and tried again, but this time with even less success. Drumm, Aster and Crow efficiently took them down, and with no survivors they feel like their gith troubles have ended.

The tracks of the beast continued forward, and as they moved further into the salty marsh they could see 3 ramshackle towers poking above the waterline in the distance. Judging from the current angle the beast was travelling, the group believed it may have passed nearby.



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