The Ruins; Tamoguna

DM Log - Session 9

{A little rushed sorry!}

Aster listened to the door intently. She could hear voices, and while their words were muffled, she was able to discern that they did not seem to speaking common, and their voices were edged with suppressed irritation. Drawing on her elven assassin history, she was able to silently open the door to see what was happening. A pair of individuals dressed in fine leather armour had their backs to her and were looking out the open window and arguing in her native tongue- Elven. On the back of their armour was sewn the emblem of the Obsidian Kesteral – the image of the magical ki focus that she had recently picked up in Saltborn – and at their hips they each had a sweet bone longsword. She glanced about the room to see if there were any other dangers. Her eyes fell across proof that this room had clearly been lived in; there were 4 simple beds (with an embroided quilt on each), and what looked to be packing crates at the foot of each. A fine green mist was also snaking along the floor, and following its trail she found it falling thickly down the stairs. Leaving the door open, Aster retreated to her friends.

The Sweet Bone Longsword

Drumm & Aster argued for some time about the best course of action. Unknown to them, the ever distracted Ahren decided to find his own way to the the False Heart. Shucking his companions he went to the window in the staircase, and without further ado began to hoist himself out. He was full of faith in his (self proclaimed) god, and scrambled away like a monkey on the outside of the tower. {Ahren was not at the game this day}

The rest of the group had decided to enter, weapons drawn but lowered, to speak with the others. Aster spoke first, greeting them in elven. The two at the window reacted quickly, spinning on the spot and drawing their swords in one smooth motion. They shouted at the group.

“Stop! If you ugly people take another step, you stupid-heads will die!”

The second backed up his partner.

“Yeah, stupid-heads! Arranis’ Kesteral warriors like us can take down you stupid-heads!”

The group was momentarily speechless. They had all assumed the 2 guards to be elves, but their faces were alien. They were much sharper than Aster’s group of dirty, starved, lanky elves. These were a little shorter, well-cared for, and their eyes were a solid, bright green with no hint of white or black. The party remembered old fairly tales of an alternative race called Eladrin, who many hundreds of years ago left Athas for another realm, where they left all arcane & primal magic, instead cultivating their own minds for psionic prowess. It was said that each time someone used arcane magic, some more of the Eladrin’s home disappeared. The group put such a shocking discovery behind them. They had to disable to situation before it turned ugly. Aster tried again & again to beseech them, but they twisted her words into insults and mocked the group over and over as “stupid heads.” In desperation Aster pulled out the obsidian kesteral she had found. This proved to be the wrong thing to do; screeching “thief!” the two guards rushed at her. The battle had started, and the group took to the grim task of disposing of the guards. They used their well-crafted swords to hem Aster in, and tried to flank her. When she proved too nimble, they began to focus on Crow instead. One had received a terrible wound, and without so much as a glance to his compatriot teleported to the window, and quickly scrambled out. He swung himself onto the outside of the tower and began to climb away. The first brick he grabbed onto though was loose, and he fell to his death {athletics score of 4 on a DC 25}. The second guard suddenly looked less confident, and putting a spare hand to his mouth whistles a complex trill. The south-eastern crate began to wobble, and another Eladrin popped out. He wasn’t wearing the fine armour of his friends, nor did he have a similar weapon. He was clothed in soot-darkened leather clothes and a number of obsidian-blade knives were strapped to his person in plain sight. The assassin swiped at Crow with a razor-edged flurry of attacks, and darted away to a corner to better protect himself. Meanwhile, Drum was trying to protect the group. His brow shone with the perspiration as he directed both of his spirits across the battlefield, trying his best to make them absorb blows and aid his allies at all times. His only downfall was his focus, for with no warning at all he found himself beset by a long-tailed shadowhunter bat. It’s spear-like tail lashed at his face twice before it was taken down by Crow.

The two remaining Eladrin were knocked out, rather than killed, and the group spent some time decided what to do with them. Aster found herself staring at the excellent workmanship of the leather the guard wore, and unable to keep her thieving mitts off it, stripped the (male) guard down to his undergarments so she could take it. Ordering no-one to peak she stripped off her current leather armour to wear the obsidian kesteral leather armour (+0). When she was modesty attired again, they deduced it would be best to try to speak with the guard. They tied up the guard, surrounded him menacingly and with an unkind kick rosed him.

Through much ineffective swearing the Eladrin mentions some crucial phrases after being threatened & pleaded with:
*Arranis is their leader
*Arranis is a female Eladrin
*Arranis is “below” (he mocked them whenever they tried for an exact location) “conducting her experiments, what else would she do … you stupid … mortal-headed … stupid-faces!”
*The Eladrin are helping an arcane magic user, which goes against their grain, but they are doing it because it is part of Arranis’ plan which was “inspired by the plans of the First Sorcerer King”
*He doesn’t know what makes the green mist, or what is upstairs (“You ugly-headed face! I’m just a guard!”
He eventually tried to burst free & escape while the party was distracted about what to do, so they knocked him out again. They moved over to the knocked out assassin, and after tying him up he too was woken. The assassin reacted instantly; teleporting and running for the door. Crow raised her bow and shot him through the neck in a single motion. His corpse was relieved of his knives, which went into Drumm’s bag. Crow also took the sweet bone longsword.

They rooted about in the rooms, finding nothing of interest in the beds. The crates at the foot of each bed seemed to have taken from the supplies required to help build or maintain Crawl. There was a box that had been filled with some of those esoteric items on Koschei’s note. Inside there was a half-empty bottle of rough alcohol used to perserve animals. Drumm greedily dumped this into his bag for himself. Other crates mentioned building materials, potions (of dubious repute – Crow believed it said “Madame Elvenica’s Love Potion,” while Drumm believed it read “Moo Me Elvens Lube Potion.” The 3rd crate was empty, and the 4th contained a small, aged journal. It was the Eladrin Journal {collect them all!}.

Having thoroughly looted the room, the three of them glanced at the green mist, before going down one of the holes. It was built between the walls of the tower, and dropped them past the ground floor of Crawl and into the skeleton mekillot’s carapace itself. They found themselves in a strange room lit only by a glowing blue magical circle. In the centre of it was a piece of jawbone. When they saw the magic circle the group groaned, and decided it would be best to first investigate the the billowing green mist upstairs where the Eladrin had been guarding things.

So they prepared to continue on; leaving behind the magic circle & the strange jawbone. They were curious, tired, and wondering where Ahren had got to.



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