A Dray Spellscale plying his trade as an arcane mercenary in Nibenay.


Race: Dray (dragonborn)
Class: Spellscale (Bladesinger)
Role: Single target controller/off-striker

Wish List:


background and concept elements – I’ll jot these down whenever I can think of something…

- Dray clans purchase dispensations from the sorcerer-kings allowing certain members of their clan to use arcane magic without reprimand within their city states. This agreement allows Ahren to freely sell his magical talents to those with enough coin (however most (if not all) of this earnings are sent back to his clan (dispensations aren’t cheap!)).

- Ahren has his “licence” on him at all times, however unbeknownst to him his clan failed to make their last payment, rendering it null and void. Whilst this shouldn’t have an immediate effect, it’s only a matter of time before the Templars stop waiting for their tribute and treat Ahren like any other other arcane user!

- Ahren is anxious to track down his clan, but has given his word to aid the merchant house that “saved” him from slavery.


- Due to a rather psychedelic dream after eating a mutant stitch fruit Ahren has begun to suspect that there’s more to Crow’s monkey than meets the eye. During the dream Ahren subconsciously reached out with his tainted magic, creating a link between him and the monkey (who was his “spirit” guide in the dream). Ahren has mistaken his greater awareness of Egg as a divine aura radiating from the monkey…


- Ahren is gruff and too the point. Slow to anger, he ignores most of the snide remarks and hateful glares of Nibenays’ citizens. He’s in Nibenay to do his duty to his clan – make money! And as such nothing motivates him more than the thought of more money for his clan!

- Ahren’s obsession with turning a profit leads him to collect dangerous goods (like poisoned letters…), and besides, you never know when having something lethal on your person might pay off in the Athian Wastelands.


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