A fulgrim is a type of warrior from Gulg, the forest city. They were once normal humans or elves, but have been corrupted by a trapped primal spirit. Gulg has a strong tradition of enslaving primal spirits, and centuries ago they learned how best to integrate them into a warrior.

The warrior wastes away for some time as their joints swell disproportionately large, and their eyes begin to bulge out of his head. They are taught how to use handaxes not to chop, but to control their enemies. They enjoy keeping to the darkness & striking when the enemy is distracted. Their most infamous move is the “Hook & Hold.”

The Hook & Hold is where they hook into an enemy and use their captured enemy as a shield for attacks. It sows discord among the enemy, hurts them & saves the fulgrim from a nasty blow.

Their enhanced bodily reflexes come at a price though; their bulging eyes cannot focus in harsh daylight and their disposition is naturally surly. They have been known to ignore commands or to flee battles if they think it will be in their favour.


The Ruins; Tamoguna Wakelord