Many merchant houses have tried to conquer the marsh, and each time their effort met failure. The last to claim this salt marsh were the Kaltons, a noble family of dubious reputation who sought to make their home on the marsh’s eastern fringes. They were the first merchant house composed entirely of Half-giants, and a few centuries ago were one of the rising stars. As with many who came before, the marsh coughed up undead beyond counting to drive off the settlers and crash against the Kalton fort walls. Many believed that the merchant house died out with its half-finished keep, but the truth is far more tragic.

Survivors fled the area, but they carried its taint with them. A few of these bred a reclusive, twisted family that was poisoned by Bodach’ dark influence and whose members pondered death’s mysteries. The last Kalton was Koschei who, by all accounts, was the worst of the lot. It is unknown where he learned his trade but he explored the forbidden and the perverse, all with the aid of his two seemingly loyal apprentices.

None know what happened to Koschei or his apprentices. The elves say that he ate them & their arms grew out of his back, whilst the Half-giants tell the tale of where he fought his traitorous apprentices & later sew their souls into a pair of cymbals. The local Thri-Kreen remember the rumour he died & was seen walking the next day fit as a fiddle. Regardless of the tale, he is always painted as a terrible soul.

One, strange rumour, only local in the mercantile city of Balic said that his apprentice killed his master, ate his name (?) and then started his own merchant house with the Kalton’s money- House Ianto.


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