The People of Athas

The races have adapted to this cruel world.

Humans are typically the dominant race and know it; to many humans the other races are somehow less reasonable, or less civilised compared to themselves. Humans populate many of the cities, but outside the massive protected walls humans are comparatively scarce. They have a much harder time surviving on the thin pickings that the desert provides.

Elves are nomadic, colourful and dubious. They are the owners of the infamous ‘Elven Market’ in each city that offers all manner of questionable goods and services from ‘real metal’ coins, potent herbs and promised murder. They are however, the lifeblood of rural areas where Elves are the sole source of foreign goods and news.

The 5 foot tall Halflings are feared by many. If the rumours are true they eat anything that moves; be it a plant in the wind or a trekking human. They tend to live in the lush Forest Ridge in the eastern region, or in small tribes that trace their way through the seasonal scrublands.

The four armed Thri-kreen are often seen as more monster than man. They are insect-like and value their place in the ‘clutch,’ or group, above all. The clutch is what matters, and each individual plays their role within confidently. They live for only 30 years, which has influenced their mentality. They live life for duty and enjoyment, rather than devoting their lives to building permanent things like sculptures or buildings.


The People of Athas

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