A sunrod is a small, foot-long object that has been enchanted by arcane, Defiling Magic. Sunrod are most commonly a shin-bone of an Erdlu or Crodlu, which are the beast of burden & foodstuff for many.

Like all Defiling Magic, Sunrods are seen generally in a negative light. Owning or using a Sunrod associates one with the Sorcerer Kings, Templars & other powerful, malign individuals. That said, it is extremely convenient to own one.

By delivering a sunrod with a powerful slap it will change from a mundane bone to a flare of bright light that goes out for 100 feet {20 squares}. To turn it off, one only has to deliver another powerful slap. The arcane energy inside will last for 4 hours of intermittent or constant use.

A sunrod is the ‘cheap & easy’ form of the more impressive " Everburning Torch "


The Ruins; Tamoguna Wakelord